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DevOps Engineer | AWS EKS | Kubernetes | Pipelines | Python | Ansible

This company is expanding their team with a DevOps Engineer with a software development background. This online streaming company has its roots in Silicon Valley and has outsourced their Engineering services to The Netherlands, in Noord-Holland where 75 people are located.

The company is an innovator regarding their platform and streaming services. They are active on the northern American continent and expanding daily. With this product they are in the forefront of the market. Big players from Sillicon Valley are noticing the company.

The company is providing the software to content providers worldwide. They have a very advanced application that they host and deploy.

The standards are high. But you don’t need to have knowledge of everything. You need to think in the right way, that is key.

The role and team.

The international team consists of 6 people. The nationalities are Indian, Lebanese, Moldavian and Dutch. The business language is English. The teams works in a hybride form. Thursday is the day that the team is working at the office and the rest of the week you can work from home or the office, based on what you prefer.

Preferably you have worked in a cloud environment where you had experience with deployment tools like Jenkins. But again, it is about the way of thinking that is important for the team and not only specific knowledge.

Set up of the team:

· 2 DevOps Engineers

· 1 Operational administrator

· 1 Solution Architect.

· 1 Front-end Developer, intern

This lean and agile team characterizes by quick decision making. So, you can implement your ideas with speed.

The role:

The team is looking for a DevOps Engineer with a software development background who knows the standard programming languages.

You will be developing and building pipelines. It is needed that you start reviewing the current pipelines and then newly design them and make the pipelines more efficient.

Technical skills for the role:


· Kubernetes

· Python

· Ansible

· Knowledge of continuous deployment processes.

· Gitlab, Github, bamboo

· You are a Pipeline wizard

· Linux in general

· General programming knowledge

Salary and benefits

· Salary that can match the seniority that is needed for this role including 8% holiday allowance

· Annual bonus around 10%

· Travel expenses when traveling by car or a NS Business card for the train.

· 28 holidays a year

Want to know more?

For a complete overview and additional info about this vacancy, you can contact Michael van Zanten via 0641114352 and sent your profile to


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